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Construction Process Structures

Smart Solutions for Constrained Environments: Engineering Safe, Cost-Effective Solutions for Urban Construction Challenges.

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Temporary Traffic Decks and Equipment Platforms

We collaborate with clients and stakeholders to develop temporary traffic decks and access platforms that are both practical and adaptable, while also meeting tight timelines. Our temporary traffic decks are designed to ensure smooth vehicular flow and public safety over open excavations in crowded urban areas. We provide structural solutions that allow for the safe movement of construction materials, equipment, and personnel. We also engineer temporary platforms that aid in building maintenance, provide emergency access, and offer protection from overhead operations. Our goal is to provide innovative and reliable engineering solutions that meet the complex needs of urban construction projects.

Specialty Tunnel Applications

We specialize in advanced engineering solutions for constructing and maintaining underground tunnels for trains, vehicles, and infrastructure services. Our services include designing and peer-reviewing launch pads, headwalls, and soft-eyes for tunnel boring machines, as well as engineering precast concrete tunnel liner segments. We excel in designing temporary shoring for open excavations and equipment platforms for tunnel construction. Our expertise extends to evaluating and monitoring existing subway tunnels to ensure their integrity amidst new building constructions nearby. Our approach to specialty tunnel applications combines innovation with safety and efficiency, addressing the complex challenges of modern tunnel engineering.

Historical Facades Support

We provide innovative engineering solutions for temporary bracing and shoring systems to support historic building facades building façades during all stages of construction. Independent external structural systems enable demolition and maintain facade support until anchorage to the new building is finalized. Our efficient solutions prioritize maximizing access for adjacent activities and minimizing intrusion into storage areas. Frequently, our solutions integrate temporary platforms that offer work execution access and protect pedestrian flow. Our advanced approach to the design of these temporary support systems yields both the safety and integrity of historic façades and the efficiency of the construction process.

Advanced Shoring Solutions for Excavation

We excel in engineering Advanced Excavation Shoring Systems and related Geo-Structures, essential for ambitious buildings and constrained urban sites. We tailor these systems to meet site-specific construction methods and geotechnical requirements, accommodating factors like complex soils, high groundwater tables, and proximity to existing structures. Our detailed designs for these systems utilize soil retention elements such as coffer dams, sheet piling, caisson walls, and timber lagging, reinforced with lateral bracing from struts, trusses, and frames. We also specialize in the design of permanent caisson walls, offering solutions that integrate water-tightness measures and unconventional geometries. Our designs consider load effects from adjacent buildings, structures, and heavy equipment operation, facilitating safety and efficiency in challenging urban environments.

Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP) Applications for Shoring

Solutions employing Fibre-Reinforced Polymers (FRP) applications offer significant advantages over traditional construction methods. However, solutions incorporating FRPs must also consider pragmatic limitations inherent in any construction material. At PICCO Structures, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the design and application of FRPs through participation in developing design codes and collaboration with the manufacturers and suppliers of FRPs. We design solutions for external strengthening of existing structures employing Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) and Glass Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) in various product formats. Our innovative engineering for concrete can integrate internal reinforcement with GRFP for elements such as bridge decks and traffic barriers. With our detailed knowledge of FRPs, we work with clients to develop applications that exploit this material's potential and avoid possible limitations.

Existing Building Evaluation Adjacent to Temporary Works

Our Structural Evaluation service is indispensable for construction projects involving existing or historic buildings in constrained urban sites. Starting with a preliminary assessment, we conduct a thorough visual inspection to document the building's current condition, identifying any structural damage, deterioration, or modifications that could impact its integrity. Following this, our detailed analysis encompasses a rigorous review of documentation, exhaustive physical examinations, structural studies, and materials testing. This two-phase approach ensures comprehensive insights, safeguarding architectural heritage while paving the way for safe, innovative construction. Trust our expertise to deliver accurate and pragmatic solutions that respect the past while building the future.

Peer Review and Value Engineering Services

Engaging our expert team for a peer review provides an independent evaluation of your design, ensuring its integrity and viability. We offer stakeholders confidence in their design choices, while identifying potential shortcomings. Drawing from vast experience in diverse engineering sectors, we deliver insights that uphold industry standards. Our Value Engineering Services present a fresh outlook to refine designs, ensuring they align with evolving project needs. We focus on holistic solutions, considering the entire project lifecycle. Together, our Peer Review and Value Engineering services enhance project delivery, maximizing its value and ensuring robust, efficient outcomes.

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