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Service Areas

Engineering Excellence Across All Domains: From Iconic Designs to Custom Homes, We Shape Visions into Reality with Innovative Solutions and Collaborative Expertise.

We provide innovative engineering solutions across all building types, including new builds, renovations, and adaptive reuse, and across multiple industry sectors. Our approach to solution development integrates collaborative processes, pragmatic application of advanced technology, and practical expertise in all building materials. From concept to contract administration, we address each project’s unique challenges, ensuring technical accuracy and quality without compromising our commitment to our clients and our people.

Learn more about our scope of Building Structures engineering services.


Where a balance between architectural or artistic expression and detailed engineering is critical to project success, we engage in a highly collaborative process that leverages our experience in specialty materials, BIM, and associations with world-class contractors. Our Feature Structures services focus on elements of Buildings such as stairs and facades, Buildings with challenging geometry, and Public Artwork.

Learn more about our scope of Feature Structures engineering services.


Constructing buildings, particularly those within constrained urban environments, can present unique challenges. Support of historic facades, shoring of excavations adjacent to neighbouring structures, and temporary traffic decks on busy streets are all common challenges for projects. We work directly with contractors and trades to develop practical and adaptable solutions that consider worker safety, cost, and schedule.

Learn more about our scope Construction Process Structures and Temporary Works engineering services.


The design and construction of a custom home is an opportunity to develop a bespoke solution informed by the homeowner’s vision, the activities within, and the context of its site and neighbouring environment. We collaborate with the homeowner, architect, and contractor to develop pragmatic engineering solutions inspired by experience with larger-scale buildings while taking advantage of the versatile construction methods available with smaller-scale buildings.

Learn more about our scope of Building Structures engineering services.

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