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Building Structures

Elevating Designs, Grounded in Quality: Mastering Challenges with Collaboration and Technical Excellence.

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Structural Design and Documentation

Our Structural Design and Documentation services are tailored to diverse sectors like institutional, cultural, performing arts, and industrial facilities. We emphasize integrated solutions, ensuring optimized outcomes uniquely suited for each project. Efficiency and transparency underpin our commitment to timely delivery. Our approach thrives on collaborative coordination with stakeholders, harnessing a deep understanding of structural materials and construction methodologies. As innovators, we eagerly embrace new challenges, consistently pushing boundaries to exceed project expectations.

Tall Building Design

Our team members have been integral in delivering some of the world’s most challenging and iconic skyscrapers. Our expertise extends to designing for global regions with high wind and seismic challenges. Beyond structural considerations, we prioritize functionality, aesthetics, and sustainable practices. Our understanding of construction intricacies ensures practical and executable designs. Central to our approach is collaboration; we work closely with owners, architects, and contractors to realize visions, ensuring alignment in functionality and viability. In short, we combine global experience, technical acumen, and collaborative spirit to transform architectural aspirations into engineering marvels.

Complex Structures Design

Our Complex Structures Design services redefine engineering limits, merging passion with unparalleled expertise. We thrive on challenging projects, from long span structures to intricate systems, blending form, function, and unique architectural geometry. Beyond conventional designs, we explore cutting-edge materials and innovative applications, sculpting spaces that defy tradition. As perpetual learners, our team continually delves into fresh ideas and technologies, keeping us at the innovation forefront. Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience, we craft tailored solutions for each complex challenge.

Mass Timber and
Engineered Wood Design

At PICCO Structures, we champion timber for its aesthetics, strength, and sustainability. Our expertise extends beyond mere design; it encompasses meticulous detailing, understanding of fabrication, and innovative construction techniques. As the world of Mass Timber evolves, we're at the forefront, eager to explore groundbreaking architectural and structural solutions. Timber's versatility shines in engineered wood, offering cost-effective, sustainable solutions for custom homes. Drawing from our vast experience, we cater to a diverse range of timber applications, ensuring each project is a testament to innovation and excellence. Partner with us to shape the timber future.

Renovation and
Adaptive Re-Use

In today's changing urban landscape, many buildings lose their original purpose. Our Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use engineering services revitalize these structures, merging historical significance with contemporary needs. We draw from vast experience with varied buildings, offering a comprehensive approach from initial feasibility assessments to design and contract administration. Our team excels in crafting solutions that respect a building's history while meeting modern demands. As we navigate the crossroads of past and present, our services ensure these buildings not only resonate with their storied pasts but are also future-ready, serving communities for years to come.

Overbuild Design

The Overbuild technique revolutionizes urban construction by vertically expanding buildings, increasing their area without enlarging the footprint. This optimizes land use in densely populated regions. Our team, with experience in successful Overbuild projects, specializes in adding floors to existing mid-rise towers while maintaining structural integrity. We conduct thorough structural assessments before modifications to ensure safety and longevity. Faced with unique challenges of each building, we offer innovative, tailored solutions, especially for constrained sites. Our approach to Overbuild Design combines experience and innovation, to maximizing urban spaces while preserving the essence of the original structures.

Construction Support and Temporary Works Design

Constructing iconic buildings, especially in bustling urban areas or with innovative designs, presents unique challenges. Our team excels in these environments, leveraging vast expertise and collaboration with leading contractors. We offer ingenious, cost-effective solutions while prioritizing safety and timeliness. Our approach considers each site's unique context, ensuring our strategies resonate with the project's vision. Beyond technical support, we're true partners, dedicated to transforming ambitious ideas into tangible, iconic structures, emblematic of human ingenuity and collaboration.

Structural Feasibility Studies

Structural Feasibility Studies are essential during a project's early stages, offering a prime opportunity to explore design options, which can significantly impact project costs. Our seasoned team harnesses extensive project delivery knowledge, ensuring recommendations are both structurally sound and cost-effective. We champion collaboration, involving all stakeholders like owners, architects, and contractors to achieve holistic designs. Beyond merely suggesting designs, we facilitate and critically assess alternatives, ensuring alignment with project goals. In essence, our services ensure projects start on the right foot, combining early design exploration with deep experience and collaborative insights.

Peer Review and Value Engineering Services

Engaging our expert team for a peer review provides an independent evaluation of your design, ensuring its integrity and viability. We offer stakeholders confidence in their design choices, while identifying potential shortcomings. Drawing from vast experience in diverse engineering sectors, we deliver insights that uphold industry standards. Our Value Engineering Services present a fresh outlook to refine designs, ensuring they align with evolving project needs. We focus on holistic solutions, considering the entire project lifecycle. Together, our Peer Review and Value Engineering services enhance project delivery, maximizing its value and ensuring robust, efficient outcomes.

Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution Services

When project objectives falter, conflicts arise, requiring adept resolution. Our services offer an independent analysis, led by seasoned experts, aimed at addressing these challenges. Renowned for our unbiased, thorough assessments, we prioritize bringing matters to swift settlements. We have cultivated trust through our impartial and accurate evaluations, assisting clients in navigating disagreements efficiently. Our mission is to guide parties towards amicable resolutions, cementing our role as a trusted partner in conflict mediation.

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