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Feature Structures

Balancing Art and Precision: Engineering Excellence in Feature Structures and Complex Designs.

Services List


Structural Design and Documentation

Our Structural Design and Documentation services are tailored to diverse sectors like institutional, cultural, performing arts, and industrial facilities. We emphasize integrated solutions, ensuring optimized outcomes uniquely suited for each project. Efficiency and transparency underpin our commitment to timely delivery. Our approach thrives on collaborative coordination with stakeholders, harnessing a deep understanding of structural materials and construction methodologies. As innovators, we eagerly embrace new challenges, consistently pushing boundaries to exceed project expectations.

Design-Build Consulting

Our Design-Build Consulting services streamline project execution from concept to installation, emphasizing the seamless marriage of aesthetic ambition with practical engineering. Collaborating with specialized contractors, we navigate through concept development, design, fabrication, and installation, ensuring each phase aligns with budgetary and artistic goals. Our work with detailers delivers pragmatic, production-optimized solutions, while our involvement in fabrication and installation phases ensures design integrity and compliance with local standards. This holistic approach ensures efficiency and code adherence and instills client confidence, culminating in world-class products delivered with precision and timeliness.

Structural Glass Design

Our Complex Structures Design services redefine engineering limits, merging passion with unparalleled expertise. We thrive on challenging projects, from long span structures to intricate systems, blending form, function, and unique architectural geometry. Beyond conventional designs, we explore cutting-edge materials and innovative applications, sculpting spaces that defy tradition. As perpetual learners, our team continually delves into fresh ideas and technologies, keeping us at the innovation forefront. Drawing from a rich reservoir of experience, we craft tailored solutions for each complex challenge.

Architectural Metals Design

Our Architectural Metals Design service offers specialized engineering, detailing, and construction support for projects incorporating architectural metals. Collaborating with architects, contractors, and fabricators, we provide expert guidance on material specifications, forms, and detailing to ensure aesthetic and functional excellence. We address detailing considerations such as attachment methods, interactions with different materials, and fabrication capabilities to optimize the architectural vision. We aim to maximize the potential of architectural metals, delivering solutions that are refined, durable, and compliant with available local codes and standards.

Fabrication Documentation

In today's changing urban landscape, many buildings lose their original purpose. Our Renovation and Adaptive Re-Use engineering services revitalize these structures, merging historical significance with contemporary needs. We draw from vast experience with varied buildings, offering a comprehensive approach from initial feasibility assessments to design and contract administration. Our team excels in crafting solutions that respect a building's history while meeting modern demands. As we navigate the crossroads of past and present, our services ensure these buildings not only resonate with their storied pasts but are also future-ready, serving communities for years to come.

Public Art Installation Support

Our Public Art Installations service stands at the intersection of engineering and artistry and contributes to crafting iconic public artworks. By partnering with artists and fabricators, we play a pivotal role from concept to construction, ensuring each work enhances public spaces and adheres to safety, durability, and local codes and standards. Utilizing advanced analysis, we inform the creative process, helping develop integrated and refined solutions that fully capture artistic intentions. Collaborating with Base Building architects and engineers, we help integrate the Artwork seamlessly into new and existing structures, focusing on secure, discreet attachments. We aim to engineer inspirational structures that invigorate public spaces and celebrate artistic expression.

Special Event Structures Design and Review

Our Special Event Structures Design and Review services offer dedicated solutions for spectacular temporary staging for events and live performances. Collaborating closely with specialty contractors, we ensure each structure, from platforms to video portals and overhead lighting grids, is safe and efficient to install and aesthetically aligned with the event’s theme. Our expertise extends to advising on the optimal use of materials, structural geometry, and site positioning, considering ground conditions and foundation requirements. We specialize in creating innovative designs by mixing reusable and bespoke elements for unique setups. During installation, we conduct thorough reviews to confirm compliance with local codes and standards, providing confidence to contractors and their clients.

Concept Design Development

Structural Feasibility Studies are essential during a project's early stages, offering a prime opportunity to explore design options, which can significantly impact project costs. Our seasoned team harnesses extensive project delivery knowledge, ensuring recommendations are both structurally sound and cost-effective. We champion collaboration, involving all stakeholders like owners, architects, and contractors to achieve holistic designs. Beyond merely suggesting designs, we facilitate and critically assess alternatives, ensuring alignment with project goals. In essence, our services ensure projects start on the right foot, combining early design exploration with deep experience and collaborative insights.

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