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Aaniin Community Centre & Library

Markham, ON

The Aaniin Community Centre & Library embodies architectural elegance fused with engineering precision. Situated at the community's heart, this award-winning facility merges diverse spaces: a library, amphitheatre, pools, gymnasiums, fitness studios, co-working zones, and maker spaces. All these elements are beautifully unified under an intricate timber roof.

Achieving LEED Gold certification, the Aaniin Centre showcases a commitment to sustainability. This distinction assures energy efficiency, a minimized carbon footprint, and an enhanced indoor environment for all patrons.

The design's standout feature, its signature timber roof, blends function with form. Crafted using glue-laminated beams and timber decking, the roof includes state-of-the-art 3D trusses over the pool and gymnasium areas. These trusses exemplify engineering innovation, combining glue-laminated beams with steel tie rods arranged in an X pattern around a pivotal central king post. Such a design facilitates large spans and offers a captivating interplay of timber and steel.

Supporting this feature roof are taper-ended steel columns complemented by sloping glue-laminated columns. This combination ensures efficient stability while enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Inside, the choice of reinforced concrete for the flooring was both strategic and deliberate. Beyond the versatility and efficiency of construction, these slabs provide additional functional benefits by effectively reducing vibration and sound transfer. Thus, whether visitors find themselves in the quiet confines of the library or a dynamic co-working area, the atmosphere remains undisturbed and serene.

In conclusion, the Aaniin Community Centre & Library exemplifies the pinnacle of modern structural engineering. It seamlessly balances functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. The dedication and expertise of our team have transformed this vision into a space that passionately serves its community and stands as a lasting testament to engineering and architectural brilliance.

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