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Courtyard Residence

Toronto, ON

We collaborated on this unique two-storey private residence, epitomizing the integration of architectural elegance and structural versatility. Central to the ground floor is a stunning, light-bathed family room, soaring 15 feet high, magnified by a continuous band of clerestory windows. This feature symbolizes the harmony achieved between design vision and structural practicality.

Working closely with the architect, we developed a structural approach that complements the home's distinctive layout, bringing to life the residence's interlocking architectural volumes. Reinforced concrete, chosen for the below-grade structure, ensures resilience and longevity. It aptly supports notable inclusions like a state-of-the-art gym, a lavish wine cellar, and an advanced car lift.

The home's floor and roof assemblies employ robust steel beams coupled with engineered wood joists. By integrating steel beams, we optimized spans, reducing the floor assembly depth, thus enabling vast interior spaces and remarkable ceiling heights. Additionally, the design integrates compact Hollow Structural Section (HSS) columns, strategically concealed within walls to maintain the home's sleek aesthetics.

In conclusion, this project highlights the exceptional results possible when architects and structural engineers unite with a shared vision. This residence, both structurally sound and architecturally striking, embodies the pinnacle of design and functional cohesion.

All photos courtesy of TaylorSmyth Architects.

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