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DHL Hamilton Gateway

Hamilton, ON

Our objective for the DHL Gateway Facility in Hamilton was to design a structure that was both robust and tailored to the unique needs of a modern distribution hub. We provided a comprehensive package that included structural design, documentation, and contract administration services.

A key feature of the structural solution was the optimized column grid, conceived after thorough consultations with logistics teams and trade contractors. This grid design facilitated efficient a roof framing system with the use of joists and joist girders and maximized space for both current and future equipment installations.

The building, at its essence, was designed to be a dynamic conduit for package flow. Recognizing the significance of these packages to businesses, the selection and detailing of the structural system prioritized efficient flow and minimal disruption.

The aggressive construction timelines posed a challenge. However, our close collaboration with the contractor ensured that deadlines were met, all while upholding our standards of structural integrity and safety.

In summary, the DHL Gateway in Hamilton is not only a showcase of an optimal structural solution for a hardworking building but also a leading example of efficient, future-ready infrastructure.

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