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Etihad Museum–Scroll Pavilion

Dubai, UAE

The Etihad Museum in Dubai celebrates the formation of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 1971, showcasing the UAE's rich culture and history. The main entrance is through the striking Scroll Pavilion, which symbolizes the UAE constitution. Most of the museum is underground, but the Pavilion's design, with its dramatic cantilevers, gives the illusion of it floating amidst gardens. This 21,528 sf structure features spaces for displays, lectures, and shopping. Its unique design is achieved through a combination of a steel frame anchored to concrete and is adorned with curved glass fiber reinforced concrete panels. These panels have tapering edges, reinforcing the paper-like theme of the Pavilion. Clear glass walls offer expansive views and further accentuate its dynamic geometry.

To realize the Pavilion's intricate design, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach was employed, using tools like CATIA and Rhino 3D. These models were refined and handed to contractors who incorporated construction specifics. This collaborative approach ensured seamless integration with other trades like electrical and architectural finishes.

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