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Perth Lanway House

Toronto, ON

The Perth Laneway House, epitomizes innovative urban housing, blending modern demands with smart design. Located in downtown Toronto, this venture replaced an aging garage with a new structure integrating a 50 sq. m one-bedroom rental unit with a single car garage, offering both functional living and parking convenience.

Answering the escalating housing demand in the city, this development reimagined the previous garage space, symbolizing urban land optimization. Central to its design is economical timber framing, celebrated for its affordability, adaptability, and environmental considerations. To bolster the structure's durability, integrated steel moment frames support the broad overhead garage doors at either end of the building.

A highlight of the construction solution is the panelized tilt-up construction for the walls, enabled by timber framing. This method ensured swift wall erection, especially vital given the close proximity to neighboring properties, minimizing disruptions.

In essence, the Perth Laneway House showcases the potential of reimagining urban spaces, meeting contemporary housing demands with thoughtful and effective solutions.

All photos courtesy of LanewayLab

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