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Veer Towers

Las Vegas, NV

The Veer Towers, located in Las Vegas' esteemed CityCenter on the Strip, are two 37-story residential high-rises standing 146 meters tall. These towers consist of 670 condos, rooftop amenities, and spacious lobbies. Their most distinguishing feature is their dramatic lean: each tower tilts 5 degrees off vertical in opposite directions, enhanced by parallelogram-shaped floors. This makes them distinctive in the skyline and showcases their LEED Gold certification.

Advanced structural engineering techniques underpin the towers' unique design. To counteract the horizontal forces from the towers' weight and seismic zone challenges, a special Z-shaped core is employed. This design ensures building rigidity while maximizing interior space. The floors, made from traditional reinforced concrete, work with pre-stressed and post-tensioning concrete beams to adjust to the building's slope. Teamed with 24-meter tall steel and concrete composite columns, they allow vast, light-imbued lobbies, ensuring a grand entrance for visitors.

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