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Westminster Funeral & Reception Centre

Toronto, ON

The Westminster Funeral & Reception Centre is a two-storey facility spanning 3,000 sq m. Designed to cater to funeral services, the structure blends functionality and aesthetics. Our structural engineering firm was tasked with ensuring both the building's longevity and safety, while staying true to its design goals.

Fundamental to the Centre's design are spacious, column-free reception and chapel areas, ideal for uninterrupted ceremonies and gatherings. This expansive space promotes an atmosphere of openness and serenity. Adjacent are private meeting rooms for private consultations, and the second floor is dedicated to administrative offices.

A prominent architectural feature is the stair atrium, acting as a focal point and design element. Enhanced with clerestory windows, it invites natural light into the facility, imbuing it with a calm, tranquil glow.

Structurally, to balance design aspirations with cost efficiency, we used a combination of steel joists, steel beams, and a concrete slab on steel deck. These materials offer a robust solution for both strength and serviceability requirements , aptly serving the Centre's functional needs.

Our solution for ensuring lateral stability of the building structure was to incorporate reinforced concrete shear walls in the stair and elevator cores. These walls not only provide structural stability against lateral forces but also negate the need for vertical steel bracing. This approach not only enhanced the building's aesthetics but also simplified the layout of internal partition walls, ensuring flexibility and efficient use of space.

The Westminster Funeral & Reception Centre exemplifies the synergy between architectural vision and structural engineering. Our firm's commitment to a durable, aesthetically pleasing structure has resulted in a facility that stands as a symbol of peace and solace for the community.

Photos courtesy of Park Lawn Corporation.
Renderings courtesy of Donald J. Caunter Architect Ltd.

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