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Alauddin Biswas

Ph.D, P.Eng

Senior Engineer

Alauddin exemplifies engineering brilliance, combining a robust academic background with extensive practical experience. He holds a Bachelor and Master of Applied Science Degrees from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology and a PhD from Saitama University, Japan. His education forms the cornerstone of his expertise in structural engineering.

With professional experience with firms in Australia and Canada, Alauddin has honed his skills in analyzing and designing sophisticated structural systems. His proficiency extends to tall buildings, bridges, vibration-sensitive structures, and seismic-isolated buildings, showcasing his versatility and ability to tackle diverse engineering challenges.

Beyond his core engineering role, Alauddin is passionate about developing custom software applications, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and advancing the engineering practice. This interest underscores his foresight in integrating technology with traditional engineering principles.

Alauddin’s career is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, blending academic insights with real-world applications. His contributions reflect not just technical acumen but also a visionary approach to modern structural engineering.

Alauddin Biswas

Notable Projects

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